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Executive director
Mr.Zhang Wanzhong
Ms.Zheng zhong
Mr.IP,Wing Wai

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Mr.Ni Jinlei
Ms.Xue Li
 Mr.Zhao Xuedong

Independent non-executive director
Mr.Shao Jiulin
Mr. Lin Yan
Mr.Li Juncai
Mr.Li Chonghua

Executive director
Non-executive directors Independent non-executive director

Mr. Zhang Wanzhong, is an executive Director and the president and the chairman and compliance officer of the Company. Mr. Zhang is primarily responsible for overall business development, compliance and public relations. He was graduated from Peking University with a Master degree’s in science. He worked in several dministrative departments of Peking University including the vice president of the Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System Department of Peking University which was responsible for the State’s focal science and technological project. He is a director of JB USA, Hebei Fire Alarm, Chuanqi Tourism, a director of Beijing Beida Jade Bird International Education Investment Management Co., Ltd.Mr.Zhang is the non-executive Director of King Stone Energy Group Limited (Stock Code: 663.HK)




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